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When your purpose leads you to court...

Against your parent company!

Ben & Jerry's is recognized around the world for its #socialresponsibility initiatives.

In 2000, the founders of Ben & Jerry's agreed to sell the company to Unilever, subject to an uncommon arrangement: the agreement to establish a single #governance structure, under which Ben & Jerry's would retain a #boardofdirectors #independent of Unilever, responsible for protecting the Ben & Jerry's #brand and pursuing its #socialresponsibilityobjectives, in support of the company's #corevalues​​.

This had been working well until about a year ago, when Ben & Jerry's #Board decided to discontinue the sale of its products in the #WestBank (the #Palestinian territory in conflict, occupied by #Israel), considering that selling them was contrary and inconsistent with its #socialvalues.

This situation generated #political and #economic problems for #Unilever, as well as friction with its own #shareholders, which is why it made the decision to sell the Ben & Jerry's subsidiary in Israel to a #thirdparty, as a #strategic maneuver, in order to continue selling Ben & Jerry's products in Israel.

Ben & Jerry's was not pleased with this action and decided to sue Unilever for violating the referred arrangement. This legal process is still ongoing.

Why is it interesting to keep track of this dispute? For at least two reasons:

🆓 If you represent a #parentcompany, because it tests the extent to which it is prudent to give freedom to your #purposedriven#brands to have their own #identity and #values.

❤️ If you work at a #purposeled company, because it can reduce your willingness to be acquired by a #conglomerate, if that means losing your identity and purpose.

Thank you for reading us!

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